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Who are some of the local personal running coaches that could be recommended?

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Originally Posted by Speedy

Who are some of the local personal running coaches that could be recommended?

Terry Coker at Team Nashville is fantastic.  I've PRed at every distance I've raced since the day I let Terry Coker coach me. 

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Does Guy Avery still coach in the area? I know some people who have had good results with him, and he's written some interesting articles for the FunRunner in the past.

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I will have to second that for Terry Coker. Robert Eslick would be a good choice as well. Both are at Team Nashville. Terry has been coaching me for several years and I have had great improvements in PR's and overall fitness. You will have to be prepared and willing to give up some freedoms to follow any coaches schedule. No matter who you go with for a coach make sure you check around and get to know the person before you choose them to be your coach. Be certain that they will listen to you and your goals and that they are someone you can work with.

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